You won’t believe what the quiet nerdy girl likes...

2 days until launch, FreshMen

Do you like nerdy girls? Have you noticed that the nerdier they are, the naughtier they are? Well, meet Chloe, then! 

Chloe is a cute and nerdy girl and is the founder and president of The Book club. Owner of a pair of powerful thighs, she likes books, pop-culture and something else... 😏 

Want to know more? Here are some very helpful tips:

  • Chloe likes a gentleman. So small favors and compliments will get you a long way.
  • Chloe loves books, especially fiction ones. Be sure to check out the book club.
  • She has a great imagination, and it can go wild sometimes. If you keep an open mind, her imagination will surprise you!

So be sure to pack your books and get your class schedule. Book club meetings start this Friday!

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I think you misspelled cute in the 3rd paragraph. It says she is a cult.

you're right!