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FreshWomen is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the best parts of life. Become a freshman attending Minerva Bay College, romance girls and solve a mysterious incident. Your journey will be filled with comedy, drama, and lots of sex.

You’re a young man trying to find out what happened to your father. But in doing so, you ended up having an accident that erased some of your memories. Now, with a clean slate, you moved to another town to start college. In your freshman life, you will meet several girls in a new world filled with fun, mystery, and sex.

FreshWomen is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel featuring:

  • Over 7 000 static images and more than 150 animated scenes
  • 8-10 hours of game
  • An engaging mystery
  • 145 songs
  • Plenty of lewd scenes with various girls
  • Episodes 1 - 5
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

Uncover the secrets from your past

Unravel a deep and mysterious conspiracy about your past, with twists and turns, and lots of memorable characters.

Date the girl (or girls) of your dreams

Meet up to 8 love interests in an interactive dating environment, where every choice matters in building your relationships! Each girl has a unique personality, taste and style!

Build your harem

If you’re up to the ultimate challenge, you can try and build the ultimate harem! Different girls, each with its own body, likes and dislikes, and, of course, fetishes...

FreshWomen: Season 2, and future seasons, will continue the story and be released and sold separately as DLC.


Buy Now$13.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Version 470
Android 1 GB
Version 471
iPhone and iPad
Mac 3 GB
Version 470
Walkthrough guide 1 MB
Version Episodes 1-5

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where i find m steamkey ?

Click the download button on this page: https://oppaiman.itch.io/freshwomen
Then you scroll down.

where is season 2 part 1 or is it included in S2 P2?

Season 2 Part 1 is included in Season 2 Part 2.

Question about the discount for the new episodes/other games.

It tells me 100% off, but there is still a 2.00 price to pay, do i need to be subscribed for the $2 tier on Patreon to claim the discount?

The 100% discount message is a bug and the price you need to pay is 2.00 USD. I contacted my programmer to fix that.

I need to know what is the episode you're trying to buy and the email address you used to log in on freshwomen.net

I already bought the game on steam, and cant redeem the key. Any chance i can still get the discount and give away the key that was given?

You can give away the steam key.

And you can use your Steam account to get a Discount on Season 2 here: https://www.freshwomen.net/discounts-steam/

Greetings. It seems I can't redeem the steam key. When I klick in the redeem button, steam always only lets me make a new account, even when I am otherwise already logged in.

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you need to sign in to the steam account to connect your account to itch/this site; and then go through the steps again to get the get steam key button.

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yes, but how can I connect my accounts, when steam doesn't give me the option to login/doesn't register, that I am already logged in wait, tried it in another browser, and it seems I can login there. Will look into this tomorrow.


Does Season 1 end on episode 5 and thats it or is there an episode 6 ?


Season 1 ends on episode 5.
The first episode of Season 2 was initially called Episode 6, but that caused confusion and it's now called Season 2 Episode 1.


Is there any NTR?

No there isnt.

(1 edit) (+1)

Is there any chance that his game could come to GOG as well? GOG has added quite a lot of pretty good AVNs recently - and I purchased almost all of them - but this one is still missing. While itch was changing their policy on NSFW games for the worse and Steam even baned some of them GOG is embracing them right now. Would really be nice to hear your thoughts on this coming to GOG. Maybe you still think that GOG is just for old games or that they dislike VNs in general - both have changed a lot.


Allowing itch io players to get a better price on Season 2 is on the task list. Season 1 is a complete and fully finished game experience. It's missing nothing. It delivers on what is promised.

Chapter 1 of Forbidden Fantasy is FREE.

Forbidden Fantasy will cost only $6.99 when it's finished.


Would love to see it on GOG as well! Thanks for supporting other platforms and congrats on a million sales!

I bought this game and it doesnt work I open it and it kickes me out after it shows the languages I press English and it kickes me out of the game I would like to play it or get my money back please

The game works on 99.9% of devices. For some mysterious reasons, it doesn't work on some devices.

Get your refund here: https://itch.io/support


Insane Graphics


I just want to be dominated by susan but didn't come through any scene

would it be possible to get this game for free,i bought it on steam but i didnt notice that mac wasnt supported but mac is supported on this app which is kind of wild,i can show you proof of purchase if youd like

You can ask a refund on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
Steam has complex rules about the mac version and we can't upload one there right now

Начинали с поиска отца теперь вербуем девушек в проститутки можно завязывать с поддержкой игры

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I love the animation it was smooth and the graphics are amazing I just don't think its worth 14 dollars just my thoughts about the game.



Just purchased and downloaded the android version. Instead of a apk. File, it gives me a zip file. There is no .apk or .exe file when I extract it.

Julia Darkcrest, you are right.
I uploaded a new version to correct my mistake.

Download the game again install the APK.

Appreciate it!   Love how far this game has come.

you’re welcome!

Is any of the Season 2 available on Android, i just sub for the Highest tier , but i couldn't find a download link for Android users?

Doesnt support apk you can use joiplay or use the webversion if you must play via mobile.


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I keep crashing after the stakeout. After the scene with Chloe. When my character leaves the room, as soon as the door open audio plays, it crashes. On android.

Update. Finally got it to work. Had to revert to a much older save. 

Hi, I bought the first season on Steam, can I download it to Android?


When and where will the audio be released for season 1???

to be announced.

ok thanks for replying

It’s online right now.

Are there any plans to put future releases on itch? 


yes there will be.


How many times do I have to re purchase this game? Feels like everytime an update comes out I cant play unless I buy the whole game again. Wtf is going on


If this game was bought on here, is there a way to redeam it on steam? Yes or no.

sadly no.



Because Steam blocked the store pages of adult games in Germany but allowed to activate a Steam key of these games, is it possible to get a Steam key, when I buy it here?


When is Season 2 on Steam?

when theres more content to send it with (looking at 4 episodes added befor sending it to steam as of now)

Thank you for replying.. Please keep me updated (I do have it in my Wishlist). I bought it on Steam originally, so want to keep my games in the same place. Thank you again. 


Loved this game and bought it for 13.99. Do I get a discount on season 2 at all?


Have no complaints. Just don't recycle characters, that seems a bit mundane

This update is full of bug

Downloads always stop halfway, on pc and android.anybody got a fix for that (my downspeed is around 225MB/s)

Sorry for being late but do try resetting your modem/router.

and try another browser if need be


This game is awesome you can take your time and choise but no have the image when you save something.

I can’t get the downloaded file to play. Why do I do? I have an iPhone X 


Iphone doesn't work. The apple download is for macs. If you had an android you could do the apk or you can get it on a computer.

so iPads would be the same as the phone huh?


Yes, they both run on ios.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Hey, you forgot to put on tags for FreshWomen Season 2 Episode 1!


I love this one, the models are soo cute :)


Great game

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I am unsure of what to say about "Freshwomen". The renders and animations are some of the best I've seen. The character designs have all been really good for the most part, but would be nice if the breast size for some were more realistic. The story, or lack thereof, however is what has let it down for me. It felt almost like one of those cheesy porn films with a plot pried in just to fill in some gaps. I had high hopes, but was left rather disappointed.

Dylan is best Bro.


When will the dubbing of the first installment be released


Just started, but love the game so far. It's my first purchase here on itch, and was feeling really hesitant about it too. But I think it's going to end up being money very well spent.

Hey Maadao, i just wanted to shoot you a message and say that another great game on itch is Ripples.

Will you bring  season 2 to Android aswell?

No due to the size growth and limited apk file sizes it wont be.

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